It is 2077, the year in which 90% of the human population has adopted a new lifestyle in the metaverse. Amongst the many metaverses to explore, the mainstream remained the “Otherside” by Yuga.

It was an utterly refreshing experience when voyagers embarked on their journey in the metaverse. They spent their days smoking, working, and exploring the wonders of this new world they had never set foot in.

Though metapets have been created as a substitution for real-life pets, they are, ironically, treated with no more love or care. These man-made pets are considered lacking of emotion or spirit – a toy that can be put down – or worse – disposed of, when humans are bored. That doesn’t mean they do not have the ability to feel nonetheless. Just like real-life pets, metapets are left in loneliness and despair as their owners are being absorbed by their amazement at the metaverse.

Tenjins were moved by the sorrow of metapets and real-life pets. They are one of the oldest god-like creatures in the world, who possess the ability to cross the border between real life and the metaverse. Being aware of the love and compassion lost in technological innovation, Tenjins set out to remind humans – never forget their forever companions.

But being increasingly immersed in the metaverse is not without its consequences. As time passes, people have begun to neglect their responsibilities in the real world, one of which being taking care of their once beloved pets.

A single Tenjin won’t make this work 🙁

The restoration of unconditional love towards humans’ best friends requires the reunion of lost Tenjins all over the world, some of which are currently trapped in the farthest universe. If you are reading this story, you have been selected to assemble the Tenjins.

Art-focused Collection

Furture Web 3.0 IP

Follow the lead from CEO LABS

Underpromise & Overdeliver

Founder & Artist

Hey visitors, I’m Timson! Thank you for exploring the story behind the Tenjin. In January 2022, I created my first collection named the “Giraffe Social Club”. Nothing is perfect the first time – being completely new to the pixel art & NFT market at the time, I definitely went down a rocky down in order to turn the vision into reality. That said, I am very grateful to have undertaken this journey. As with Zagabond, I have learnt a tremendous amount from this experience.

I have since been uploading NFT-related content on Youtube, and am working towards forming a tight local community. In these 8 months of non-stop working, I have developed my own understanding of the core values underlying the NFT space – storying telling, IP development, community, a solid team, and impressive art. With this in mind, I will continue to create work that carries these key qualities I believe every collector is looking for in a project.

Thanks to Youtube, I have been able to build a strong network with NFT enthusiasts and founded @CEOLABSHK. Following the launch of our first collection, we think it is time to give it an upgrade. I personally love the character Tenjin. I am excited to bring to this space a new side of Tenjin, as well as more intriguing stories behind the art, and of course, even better pixel art.

And that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed the story of Tenjins and this unique art collection.

Whitelist: Free
Public: 0.005eth per Tenjin, you will have 50% chance to get a refund during the minting!

Tenjin Genesis is supported by CEOLABS which already successfully launched different projects. Also, the team is doxxed to public as we don’t afraid of being transparent. We aim to become one of the successful nft team among the space.

Check out more on our official twitter @ceolabshk

As mentioned, our direction is underpromise and overdeliver. We will try our best to bring the most entertaining web 3.0 experience to our holder. Stay tuned on our Twitter.

Trust the process.